All Hours changelog
All Hours changelog

Major technical update - 1.30




We are excited to announce the release of a major update to our service.

  • Technology Migration
    • We have migrated our service to new technology which brings some major improvements in performance and scalability.
  • Time Policy settings configurator
    • We have added a new Time Policy settings configurator which will allow you to quickly define core rules on your Policies.
  • Open doors with a push-button
    • It's now possible to use a push button to open a door connected to All Hours – for instance have your receptionist unlock it for visitors.
  • Usability improvements
    • Copying calendar, searchable dropdowns and a refresh of Time Policies and Counters
  • Various bug fixes on Reports

Technology migration

We are thrilled to announce that our service has successfully undergone a major technology migration!

Our new technology platform is now live, bringing significant improvements in service performance and scalability.

Our new technology platform provides faster load times, improved reliability, and increased scalability, which means users will be able to access and use our service with greater ease and efficiency.

Time Policy Settings Configurator

This new feature is designed to simplify the process of setting core time policy rules such as paid time, plans, required time, and lunch.

The configurator is easy to use, allowing you to quickly define valid days and rule values with a simple and intuitive interface. This means you can spend less time configuring your time policy settings and more time focusing on other important tasks.


Usability Improvements

  • The new searchable drop-down selectors make it easier to find the option you need.
  • Copying calendars allows for faster setup of new calendars.
  • The redesign of the rule's view will make it more organized and clearer to understand.



Absence planer – easily plan leave while taking the absences of your colleagues into account - 1.29





  • The new Absence Planner view helps you plan and submit your leave requests more easily, taking into account the absences of your team members and other colleagues. The main benefits are avoiding overbooking of holidays or other absences and preventing simultaneous absence requests from different employees when at least one must be present at work.

Other improvements

  • Calendars now show the latest information about absences. For example, in the case where someone requested 5 days of vacation, which was then cut short into 3 days. The request doesn’t change, but the actual absence inserted on the timelines does, and the calendar now reflects this correctly.

  • Employees can now request two half-day absences in one day. For example, someone can request a half-day of sick leave and a half-day of vacation.

  • To help prevent errors, the same paid exit event cannot be clocked twice in a row. For example, you cannot start a lunch break from a lunch break.

  • Administrators can use the audit log feature to get more detailed data about a specific user’s clocking history. This view now supports a search option by name or user name to find specific clocking event more easily.

  • Password reset emails are sent in the correct language.


More about the new Absence planner

With the new Absence planner, you can easily plan and submit new absence requests, taking into account your colleagues' absences. You can quickly check which of your teammates or employees will be absent in a given period and plan your leave accordingly. This prevents overbooking of vacations and other absences, and prevents simultaneous absence requests from employees in cases where at least one must be present at work.

This added transparency should allow you to plan your absences, coordinate your leave with colleagues without having to check, or coordinate everything with them or managers. The calendar view of the absence planner is public, but it does not show any details about users or absences, only whether user is absent (to ensure privacy compliance).

You can access the Absence planner from the Home screen of the web application.

AbsnecePlannerAddAbsence_w notes popravek.png

The main features of the new Absence planner:

  • Provides a handy calendar view where you can see your and your colleagues’ absences for the entire month.

  • Absence information can be filtered by team, department, or tag, giving you the most relevant absence information for your leave planning.

  • Pending absences are shown differently from approved ones (with a dotted border line). This gives the person applying additional info when requesting leave.

  • Multiselect days and easily add absence requests directly from the calendar.

  • Past days, the current day, future days and weekends are colored differently for better visual representation.

  • On the right side you can also see your absence requests, their statuses, and your vacation balance in a list view. In addition, in the second tab, absent colleagues are listed by days.

Request adjustments & see all requests - 1.28



  • Employee level users can now request adjustments such as unpaid to paid time for overtime approval
  • Admins can see all requests in the system
  • Navigating back to the calendar will keep all your filters in place
  • Mobile app updated

Requesting adjustments

Adjustments are changes to counters and paid time that have only been available to administrators in the past.

Users can now be given the ability to request adjustments just like absences. This is useful for requesting the unpaid to paid time approval so unpaid hours can be approved into overtime.

The setting is available on Authorization roles:


Only certain adjustments can be requested by employees:


Employees can then request adjustments on the Employee day view (My day) and the adjustments will be shown as Pending for approval:


List of all Requests

  • Administrators with access to the Event log will now find a new tab called Requests which lists all requests in the system:


Other improvements & bug fixes

  • Opening a particular day from the calendar and returing to the calendar with the back button will keep all of your filters and settings on the calendar. This way you can quickly return to the previous view.
  • Partial absence details are shown on Approvals view
  • Filters on presence widget are remembered for next time
  • Virtualized absences (paid exits) of unpaid categories are virtualized into unpaid time as per category setting
  • Sometimes the last day of absence wasn't inserted but this shouldn't happen any more (bug fix)
  • Absence calendar and schedule now show the same status of absences (bug fix)
  • Overtime entry can again be inserted on any day, regardless of the time policy used on the previus day (bug fix)

Mobile app updated to 3.4.0

  • Refreshed home screen design
  • Fixed crash on Admin tab
  • Fixed crash / not working filters on Presence tab

App switcher - 1.27





  • We introduced a simple app switcher between our time management apps:
    • SPICA All Hours - an employee attendance app
    • SPICA My Hours - a project-based time tracking app

You can open a new My Hours account from the app switcher as long as you are an administrator of your All Hours account.

Users of both apps can then use the same login and password and easily switch between the two.

Be sure to visit for more information or contact us via the in-app chat.

Mobile reminders for Clocking-in and out

We now offer both time and location based reminders so you don't forget to clock-in and out.

You will find reminder settings by tapping the Profile icon in the upper left corner of the app.

  • Time based reminders work similar to an alarm clock. You get a reminder notification at the desired time.

  • Location based reminders have been available for a while and send you a notification when you enter or leave a geolocation that is setup in All Hours

mobile reminders.png

Unknown badges on Event log - 1.25




What's new?

  • New tab "Unassigned identifiers" on Event log
  • Performance improvements
  • Refreshed user profile view

Finding unknown cards and badges

You can now find all cards that have been used on your terminals but don't belong to any users. Look for a new tab called "Unassigned identifiers" under Reports >> Event log.

This can be very useful when adding new employees to the system or trying to find a particular unknown card.

Performance improvements

We managed to speed up some of the views in the application. We expect to have more news on this front in the coming weeks and months as All Hours becomes faster and faster.

User details refreshed

You will notice we reorganized the user details view when editing a user.

All the general personal data along with custom ID's and custom fields is available on the first tab, while Request management and Login options have been separated into their own tabs.


Other improvements and bugfixes:

  • Undo action after clocking on web doesn't disappear instantly anymore
  • Importing users with and without emails at the same time is now possible
  • Period picker is a bit smarter
  • Audit log view has some usability improvements
  • Another pack of API endpoints migrated to the new API4:
    • Recalculation
    • Adjustment definition
    • Unassigned identifiers
    • Time zones
    • Workplans


  • FALD report had wrong info about presence status in some cases
  • Adding a huge amount of columns to reports could mix-up the columns
  • Payroll can now exports all users when API access is used
  • Email of a user is now case insensitive

Renewed calendar view - 1.24




What's new?

  • Updated calendar view

  • Days with exceptions on the calendar

  • Add external readers for simple access control

A cleaner calendar view

We combined the Schedule and other calendars into one single calendar page.

You can still approve and reject absences right here on the calendar.

It's also easy to switch between Absences, Schedules and other calendars on top of the page.




We also added a new filter called Exceptions:


This view shows you all the days with Exceptions such as Missing during required time, days with unpaired events and other violations:


Add more readers to simple access control

An additional badge reader can now be placed on the outside of the door and will always clock either an arrival or departure event while simultanously unlocking the door.

This means your Zone Touch terminal is safely installed on the inside of your building, leaving only the card reader on the outside.

The door is unlocked every time a clocking event is registered on the inside terminal or the outside reader giving you a very simple access control system.

For more information, please, contact us at

Other improvements

  • The users' latest clocking event is not shown as an "Unpaired event" violation any more

  • It is now possible to add identifiers with a length of 25 characters

Bugfixes and improvements - 1.23




What's new?

We made a few small improvements and several bugfixes with the latest update:

  • Add 0.5 days to vacation balances
  • Add several partial absences to a single day
  • Delete absences and adjustments in bulk even when added as admin
  • Set less than 4 buttons on terminals
  • Large reports sometimes mixed certain columns but this won't happen again

Opening doors with our terminal - 1.22




What's new?

  • Open doors on our terminal
  • Set custom buttons per terminal
  • Improved autoclocking logic

Open doors by clocking in

Spica Zone Touch terminals can now be connected to our door controller, Zone Door, which is connected to an electric lock on your door.

The controler will unlock the doors whenever a user clocks in or out on the terminal. The door only unlocks for active All Hours users.

The Zone Door controller can be installed on existing Zone Touch instalations.

Contact us for more information!


Set different buttons on different terminals

It's now possible to setup different clocking events on different time terminals.

Go to clocking points and choose the terminal you need to edit and click the tab "clocking buttons".

You can also set the default event of the terminal here. This way you can easily setup one terminal on your entrance that will always clock an Arrival event and one at your exit that will clock a Departure event.


Improved auto clocking logic

We have simplified the logic of auto clocking events resulting in faster calculations and fewer errors.

The auto clocking event simply checks what came before it - if it is preceded by an Arrival it will turn into Departure and vice versa and never changes on its own again.

Even if you add more events before this clocking later, the auto clocking will remain the same untill manually edited by an administrator.

Besides speeding things up, this should also result in fewer errors for workers leaving their night shifts and similar situations.

Schedules on Mobile and more




What's new?

Another small update, version 1.21 was released last week:

  • Approved absence emails now include a calendar file so you can easily add your absences to Google, Outlook and other calendars
  • Help docs are linked in the app
  • Timelines view on mobile

Schedules on mobile

The latest update to our mobile apps gives you a list view of your days where you can check your balances as well as your upcoming schedule:


  • The first tab shows your balances and the second tab shows your schedule (the time policy assigned for each day and any absences)

  • Tapping on a day will open the History view for that day

  • The calendar icon in the top right corner will recenter the calendar list on Today

How to set schedules as an administrator?


Find the Schedule view under Calendar in the navigation. Any administrator level user with access to the Calendar and permissions for Adjustments can use it.

To learn more on using the Schedule view, please, see this help article:

Small improvements - 1.19 and 1.20




What's new?

We quietly shipped some improvements to All Hours in the past few weeks :)

  • Employees can now delete their approved absences but only those in the future


  • Instead of Beacons and Geolocations, actual Clocking points are shown on the Home screen of the mobile app making it easier for users to know exactly where their clocking event will be recorded




  • Users on a full-day absence of working from home or off-site work are shown as such on the Presence widget
  • Users can be sorted by department
  • You can now set the order to actions on counters (advanced configuration)

We'll be back soon with more updates including the ability to unlock doors when clocking on a terminal, seeing a calendar view of your schedule on mobile, and more.